What Type of Warehouse Racks Do You Need?

A warehouse without a proper warehouse rack system is a sad warehouse. We aren’t talking about shelving or racks you get from the big-box store either, warehouse racks are tough and functional systems that efficiently store and move product all along your warehouse.

If you’re getting into the warehouse business, changing your current warehouse rack system, or just want to know what else is out there, you need a good primer course about different types of warehouse racks available. Let’s take a different perspective on this search by looking at what type of warehouse you want to run, and then surveying the types that would be the best fit for your warehouse.

Determining What Type of Warehouse Racks You Need

Last-In, First-Out (LIFO)

This type of warehouse system operates under the notion that the most recent products that were last in will be the first ones to go out of the warehouse.

The LIFO method can utilize many different warehouse racks to execute properly. You can use something as simple as floor-stacking your warehouse racks or something more complex like utilizing drive-in warehouse racks. You also have the popular selective warehouse racks system that can work for both LIFO and FIFO. You can use many different warehouse racks with LIFO since new product is first to go.

First-In, First-Out (FIFO)

The opposite of LIFO, FIFO warehouses operate to turn the first orders received into the first orders or products out of the door.

The FIFO method can also use a few different warehouse racks system since there is a methodical process to setup for. FIFO can use the popular selective warehouse racks system or the drive-through pallet rack system. If you’re really looking up to step up the efficiency of your warehouse and you utilize the FIFO method, you might consider implementing a pallet flow rack system to really get things moving along.

Before deciding what type of warehouse racks system you need, you need to determine if you will be operating a LIFO, or FIFO out system. Once you know that you can narrow down your search or let a storage solutions expert know what direction you want to head in. A warehouse solutions expert will look at many different aspects of your warehouse to help determine what type of warehouse racks will be best for it.


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