How to Choose Warehouse Racks

The key to a well-run warehouse is well thought out storage solutions. The type of equipment you use to store and access your wares will play a major role in determining the efficiency of your warehouse so you have to be on top of your equipment game. One of the most significant piece of equipment found in any warehouse or storage facility is the warehouse rack. Let’s look into some questions you should ask yourself when choosing warehouse racks and a brief description of types of warehouse racks available to help you decide what’s best for your business.

Choosing Warehouse Racks

Before you begin the search for the perfect type of warehouse rack, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many different types items will be stored in the racks?
  • How big is your facility?
  • Do you store first in, first out (FIFO) or last in, first out? (LIFO)
  • How tall is your facility?
  • Do your products have short shelf lives?
  • What type of forklift or other equipment do you use to move products in and out of your warehouse racks?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

It’s important to write down the answers to these questions before starting your search. When you have the answers you can consider the following warehouse rack solutions.

Floor Stacking Warehouse Racks

As the name implies, floor stacking racks are very basic and are placed on the floor in rows. Floor stacking is an inexpensive and highly dense storage method, but makes for bad accessibility and uses a lot of room.

Drive-Through Warehouse Racks

Allows forklifts to drive directly into the rack bays and is one of the best solutions if you have large numbers of one product. A relatively low-cost method with high density but provides poor accessibility and can get damaged easily.

Selective Warehouse Rack

One of the most common types of warehouse rack system. Selective warehouse racks are very affordable and have high accessibility but is not the most efficient method for storage density.

Flow Rack System

Uses gravity driven conveyors to move pallets from back to front. Flow rack systems are an extremely dense storage method and you don’t need to drive inside the rack system itself but is one of the most expensive warehouse rack solutions currently available.

You want the best possible warehouse rack solution for your business without going over budget. Use the tips above and talk to a warehouse storage solutions expert to get matched with the best available warehouse racking system for your facility.


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